Garage Bar & Bowl Take-away Menu

Take-out Menu April 2020

We take great pride in our food and in making what we can in-house, from scratch.  Featuring fresh, locally sourced and house made menu items is a part of who we are.


Ellsworth Creamery is 75 miles away in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.  The “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.” They source from 400+ dairy farm families to make their cheese.

Revier Cattle Co is 69 miles away in Olivia, Minnesota.  Their commitment to locally grown feed and humanely treated cattle makes their beef some of the best in the industry.

Red Bench Baker is 12 miles away in Chaska, Minnesota.  A family owned bakery that specializes in classic American and French pastries, breads and other sweet treats.  If you are in Chaska, stop in for a treat!

Silseth Family Farm is 10 miles away in Norwood, Minnesota.  A family owner farm that specializes in farm fresh eggs, beef, pork and chicken. Our farm fresh eggs are courtesy of the Silseth Family Farm.