Garage Bar & Bowl Employment Application

Join the Garage Bar & Bowl Team

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! Together, we will set the standard for excellence in food and service, every shift and for every guest. We are proud of our reputation and standing in the community and we know the only way to preserve and enhance that reputation is to continuously strive to improve. Our food is fresh, our menu is unique, our entertainment and environment are original and unlike any other. We are different, and we want to stay that way.

Every person on our team has a personal stake in the success of the Garage. Everyone makes a difference. We are all very well aware that the only way to achieve our goals is to work together to provide an outstanding experience for our guests. We want the Garage to be a place we are all proud to call our own.  

If this sounds like you, and if this sounds like something you want to join, please fill out the application. 

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